Dalian July 8, 2019 /PR Newswire/-- From July 1st to 3rd, the 13th World Economic Forum's 13th Annual Meeting of the New Champions (Summer Davos Forum) was successfully held in Dalian. During the period, more than 1,900 political and business elites from more than 120 countries around the world conducted about 200 seminars to discuss how Globalization 4.0 affects the development of enterprises, society, and the country, and the response we should take.


On July 3, 2019, the topic "Exploring Leadership 4.0" was discussed.

As a representative of global energy innovation companies, Yutime (Chengtai Petroleum) Group CEO was also invited to participate in the annual meeting of the New Champions, on how to promote the transformation of the domestic and international energy industry and other global business leaders. In-depth discussions were conducted with representatives of institutions and senior scholars.

Under the background of globalization 4.0, the accelerated integration of world resources and the strong rise of new technologies will inevitably bring about major changes in the global industry. As the foundation of production, life and life, the energy industry is bound to have a profound impact on human life, the layout of enterprises, the direction of society, and even the future of the earth. According to the latest edition of the World Economic Forum's《推动能源系统有效转型》(Fostering Effective Energy Transition) report, the energy industry, which accounts for two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions, has been in the past five years in terms of safety, affordability and environmental sustainability. The transformation process in terms of the situation has tended to stagnate. Therefore, ensuring sustainable energy development through broader global resource integration and more flexible new technology applications is particularly important and urgent.


一直以来Yutime(缘泰石油)始终将助力能源产业生态以及地球未来的可持续发展放在首位,参与全球合作,在更大范围创造影响力,与各领域领军者一起,为我们生存的地球带来长远的利益 - 为世界提供良好的动力,要让世界更美好。